Taiwan A Country Who Breed Ingrates!

Taiwanese Burning Their Own Flag, A Virtue of Ingrates

Taiwan is not only politically immature they are also ingrates! Former envoy Lauro Baja commenting on Taiwan’s reaction to the death of one of its citizen said that;

“Taiwan should remember we were the first ones to have these informal relations with them and we have substantial relations with them in terms of trade,”

Taiwan is never recognize as a State by other countries (Check: List of Independent States in the World) in fact they see Taiwan as a part of People’s Republic of China. Despite of this the Philippine government established an informal relations with Taiwan, exchanging trades with them, sending workers when in need and other assistance that our country can offer them. The Philippine government has been very patient with Taiwan even if they abuse Filipino workers and pay them less of what was agreed on their contract. For the sake of diplomatic relations that Philippine government turned a blind eye from these abuses committed by the citizens of Taiwan and the lack of commitment from the Taiwanese government to bring the perpetrators to justice.

But Taiwan seem to forget who its friends are, it appears that they didn’t value what the Republic of the Philippines did for them and its contribution to their country especially in matters of laborers. Common sense tells us that you would be thankful for the person who has been giving you favors all these years, but the Government of Taiwan lacks the sense of gratitude. A mistake of their own citizen is blamed on the Philippine coastguard and now they wanted the Philippine government to apologize! After the wake of the incident there are increasing number of reports that Filipinos have been subject of retaliation from Taiwanese citizens, beating up and discrimination has been a common occurrence in a Filipino’s day to day living in Taiwan.

Aside from not controlling their own citizen in performing barbaric acts to overseas Filipino workers they even have the guts to issue economic sanctions to the Philippines. This sanction involves freezing the hiring of Filipino workers, and they even threatened to deport Filipino workers. If Taiwan is only using their mind deporting 84,000 Filipino workers is a bad idea. OFWs in Taiwan represents on 0.85% of total OFWs deporting them would have insignificant effects on Philippines economy. But pulling out such a large number of workers would render Taiwan’s manufacturing companies useless. Taiwan would be tasting its own medicine and its economic sanctions would hurt their country more than the Philippines.

Taiwan’s true color is showing up in dealing with this kind of conflict, it only shows that the country of Taiwan is breeding ingrates and hypocrites. Taiwan should not overreact but deal with this matter maturely and diplomatically.

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Government of Taiwan Never Apologize For Abused OFWs

Eden Abarientos, Abused OFW from Taiwan

The government of Taiwan pressures the Philippine government to apologize for the death of one of their citizen and demands that his kin would be compensated. The government of Taiwan is hypocritical for demanding an apology for the misdeed of their own citizen that lead to his death. If he didn’t intentionally went deep inside Philippines exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and attempted to ram a coastguard vessel he would still be alive today. In the wake of the controversial death of one of their citizen Taiwan needs to remember that their own citizen and government officials are guilty of abusing Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). Hsien-Hsien Liu, the 64-year-old director general of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office was arrested last January 12, 2007 for abusing two Filipina who she hired to work for her. The Taiwanese official confiscated the Filipinas visa and passport to prevent them from escaping and notify the authorities of the abuses that they suffered under the Taiwanese official. Liu force the Filipinas to work 16-18 hours a day, 7 days a week and paid them only half of what was agreed on their contract, Hsien-Hsien Liu pleaded guilty for abusing Filipina workers and was deported back to Taiwan (For full story Reuters).

Taiwanese citizen are known for notoriously abusing Filipinos, such is the case of Eden Abarientos, a 43-year-old caregiver whose employer attempted to rape and murder her (full story click here). After hearing her employer’s plan to kill her Abarientos decided to jump off her employer’s window.  While in the hospital recovering from her injuries Mrs. Chiu a representative of her agency visited her and gave her assurance that they will pay for the hospital bill in exchange for that she will no longer file charges against her employer or she will be killed.

These are just a fraction of cases where Filipino workers are abuse in Taiwan, some might not be physically harmed but the work environment is harsh and not conducive for working, others are not paid well by their Taiwanese employers. Despise of these abuses the government of Taiwan never extended their apologies to the victim nor compensated them for the abuses that they received from their Taiwanese employers. The government of Taiwan really didn’t care for the welfare of overseas Filipino workers, they are only after the productivity and skill of Filipino workers which their own citizen lacks. Taiwanese are well known for being lazy and barbaric, look at the products which are made in Taiwan the ones that are made by their own people it easily gets damage.

The government of Taiwan don’t have the right to demand an apology for the wrongdoing of their own citizen. They can’t even apologize for the victims of abuse committed by their own people, now demands for an apology for the mistake of one of their own? The government of Taiwan might be losing their mind or even their common sense! La Liga Filipina sympathize with the family of the killed fisherman but apology is unthinkable, why apologize for something that you did out of self defense? If someone tries to kill but in act of self defense you killed the assailant will you apologize to him? Will you compensate his kin? To do so would put you in par with the kind of mentality and common sense that Taiwanese government have.

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Taiwan Overreacts On Naval Incident

Overacting Taiwanese Activists

The government of Taiwan, a neighboring country of the Philippines, is furious over the death of one fisherman after their fishing vessel was shot by the Philippine coastguard. The incident happened deep within the Philippines Exclusive Economic Zone, when the Taiwanese Fishing vessel was spotted by the coastguard. The Coastguard vessel approached the Taiwanese fishing boat to investigate its presence in Philippine territory, but instead of cooperating and find a peaceful resolution to the conflict the fishing boat decided to go for it, ram the coastguard. In act of self defense the coastguard fired at the Taiwanese ship’s engine killing the fisherman in the process.  The government of Taiwan acted like a bully in confronting this situation, it reflects Taiwan’s immaturity in handling diplomatic issues.

The government of Taiwan demanded the Philippine government to apologize for the wrong doing of their own people, if the fishing vessel didn’t stray deep within the Philippines Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and did not attempt to attack the Philippine coastguard the Taiwanese fisherman could still be alive today. They also want the Philippine government to compensate the fisherman’s kin. Isn’t his a clear act of bullying? Their own people trespassed in our territory (who knows they might be poachers not fishermen)  and because of their transgression they attempted to ram a Philippine vessel in which in the process one of their own was killed when the Philippine coastguard fired at them in an act of self defense. And now they are threatening the Philippines to freeze the hiring of Filipino workers they even plan to hold a naval exercise drill near the disputed waters as a show of force. Instead of solving the problem in a peaceful manner the Taiwanese government in its immature way is trying to provoke a regional conflict.

There are thousands of Filipino workers in Taiwan some of them works as domestic helpers, these overseas Filipino workers are not treated fairly by their Taiwanese employers in fact there are a lot of cases where Filipinos are being abuse, some of them even died because of the injuries inflicted on them by their employers. However, the Philippine government didn’t even compel Taiwan to apologize for the maltreatment of Filipinos nor ask the Taiwanese government to compensate the kin of abused Filipinos. Why? Because the Philippine government in a mature way diplomatically find solutions to the problem.

If ever the Philippines will be at war with Taiwan, it would be Taiwan’s economic downfall. We might not have the latest technology but we have the man power and experience. Taiwan’s armed forces would only be a food for our battle hardened soldiers. Their technological advancement is not enough to surpass the experience of our armed forces battling wars since the time of Philippine revolution against Spain.